If I met the man who invented this word, I would give him a kiss and then suck his balls dry. And I’m not even remotely gay. If the inventor is actually a woman things could get messy and we might even spawn a whole new strain of venereal disease.

Every single time I see the

word “supernumerary” it makes me smile. It is six megasyllables of perfection with that lovely echoed “oo” sound. All it means is “too many” or “more than normal” or just “extra”. But it sounds so much cooler than that! And there is no supernumerary amount of times you can use the word “supernumerary”. I’m going to start prescribing intentionally-low numbers to everything just so I can say “supernumerary” when the outcome produces more than expected.

After buying new floor mats for my car: “Alright! The cashier gave me a supernumerary dollar!”

During coitus: “You have some supernumerary hairs on your butt.”

During a sonogram: “Hmmm, looks like you have a supernumerary child in there. I’ll get my tongs.”

At a nerd bar: “It’s Supernumerary Tuesday.”

Apparently supernumerary was originally a noun, actually describing a person. See the Wikipedia entry for explanation.

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  1. fred wrote:

    When I see that word I expect it to be followed by “nipples” or “nipple” — dunno why: I only have the regular number of nipples and everyone else I know (as far as I know) also only has the regular number of them.

    Posted 10 Nov 2009 at 7:11 pm

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