I’m a man who loves vagina. But I also love the WORD “vagina”. Not because it’s beautiful, but because it’s so horribly ugly. It’s cumbersome and unbalanced. And best of all, it completely takes all the fun out of the organ that is the vagina. It turns it into a medical thing, not a sensitive entry-point for fun (and yes, the birth canal, whatEVER).

In theory, this should not be a good thing. But remember my entry on “coitus“? I find it fascinating that such a powerful and meaningful organ can be reduced to its basic anatomical essence simply by weighing it down with an unpleasant word. And this is important because we need to be able to talk about vagina without it being sexual.

Also, did you know that “vagina” has three acceptable plural forms? Vaginas, vaginae, and vagina. It’s its own plural! That’s hot!

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  1. From Words I Love - Vag on 23 Feb 2010 at 1:06 am

    [...] importantly, why did nobody think of this sooner? Surely this abridged version of “vagina” has been around for years, but somehow I’ve only been hearing it in the last year or [...]

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